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In this day and age, the world has become an increasingly global community. People from all over the world are getting to know each other through the Internet. People are becoming more aware of the world around them and are more interested in learning about what is going on in other countries. This has led […]

New hip hop music is a genre of music that is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. It is also known as rap music. There are many different kinds of hip hop music that have been created in the last couple of decades. Some of them are more commercial than others and some of […]

It’s not every day that you get to write about music. It’s even rarer when you get to write about hip hop music. But here I am, writing about hip hop music and I’m going to do it in the form of a story. I have a friend who loves to listen to hip hop […]

The new hip hop music around the world is all about the artist, their message and how they deliver it. The music that comes out of America has been the dominant factor in this field for quite some time now. It’s not surprising that the United States is the place where this genre has taken […]